We are Qtech

We simply position ourselves as an ICT company for those who have no ICT department.

Since 2006, we have developed and deployed various Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) from Payroll, POS, Inventory and the likes. We have it installed to Manufacturing and Industrial Plants, Wholesalers/ Retailers, Groceries, Restaurants/Hotels and even Local Government Units. We are providing our clients an option to directly buy these systems or hire our company to act as their ICT department for a certain period. Upon hiring us, all of our stable and tested TPS are bundled with the agreement. We would be happy to discuss what we could offer. Give as a call.

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Become the prime IT Solutions Provider in the country and enable our business clientele achieve their objective through automation.

Solve the most challenging technology problems to ensure the success of our business clienteles.

We stick to the following principles in delivering our mission:

Understand our customer

We at Qtech understand the needs and requirements of our customers and make technology resolve what they need and help them realize their full business potential.

Know-how to develop software

Qtech knows how to use appropriate technology based on customer requirements and capability.

Employ advantages of outsourcing

A large number of companies have already taken advantage of outsourcing. We make outsourcing benefits work for our customer’s businesses.

Excellent people only

Qtech is a community of professionals, talented, and bright people that are easy to work with.

Act globally

Our international experiences and affiliates enable Qtech to be at par with the best IT solutions companies.

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