qBrisqResto - quality Restaurant Ordering, Billing and Payment System. This is a Window-based POS (point-of-sale) application specifically designed for Restaurant operation.  Main interface shows table status for continuous foods and drinks ordering ideal for sit-down or fine dining restaurant operation.  The system can also be customized for fast food and take-out type of restaurant operations. Buttons and program menus are big for easier navigation and supports touch screen panels.

Basic features are:

  • Touchscreen capable
  • Order by table or by customer
  • Table occupancy timer
  • Merging of table billing
  • Viewing of orders per table
  • Lite inventory of food items
  • Modification, cancellation/voiding of transactions
  • Various discounting options
  • BIR x and z read reports
  • User access level and audit trail

The application runs on Windows OS with .net framework ver 3.5.  It uses MS SQL database but can also use other database platforms.